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Chats on Sundays

hey folks,

  Just wanted to let everyone know that the chat room has been pretty
vacant on Sunday evenings.  I know a lot of people are busy, but if I can
drive 20 + miles one way to join in on the chat, perhaps a few others
could as well...   This excludes working people and those with previous
commitments of course.

  I've been passing around a suggestion that we go from a weekly format to
a bi-weekly one for now.  At least until membership and participation
picks up.  A few new people have showed up on various Sundays to be left
with only me and maybe one other person to talk with.  (if I'm the only
one a new member has to talk to, we are in SERIOUS trouble! :-)...)

  So, anyone have any suggestions as to how we can up participation?  If
our Web page says we'll be there every week, shouldn't we be there every
week?  Maybe several "experts" can volunteer to log-on on a specific
weekend?  Maybe changing the Web page to say, for example, the first and
third Sundays of each month?  It might put some new people off to sign on
to a chat and not have anyone show up...

  Anyway, this is now open for discussion.  Hopefully it will draw as much
attention as other discussion have this week.  :-)

Luke McClurg