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Re: Dealing with the real fish? problem

On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, Herb Harris wrote:

> As far as I know no one has advocated removing ALL the laws. What my
> point is, again, is that the people of the state that have to pay for
> the implications and enforcement of laws may want to pursue alternate
> methods of achieving the same goals.

My point is that I feel at this point, in Arizona and likely elsewhere the
AZ law regarding moving live fish is appropriate, whether it be for aquaria or
bait or whatever and will remain so until folks are sufficiently well
educated to understand why.  It's not neccessarily something I like, as I
understand why fish shouldn't be moved, and I never release fish hence why
shouldn't I be able to do it?  Fact is the masses are holding me back.  I
think the most profitable approach for groups like nanfa and nfc is to get a
state permit to keep native fish that are not listed.  

> 	Now, don't miss this point: Of course we intend to follow the law.

I was never trying to imply otherwise.

> The fact that you see the need for restrictive laws is noted, and in
> the case with your state, perhaps this works and is what the taxpayer
> enjoys spending money on, each to their own. However, to imply that I
> advocate removal of the laws as a matter of fact is not true. That sort
> of statement is a simplification of the issue, which is not a simple
> matter.

My impression is that you advocate that people should be able to transport
live fish around the place for aquarium purposes.  This was the law I was
implying you wanted removed although I undoubtably wasn't specific enough in
stating that. 
It concerns me greatly that many states have no restrictions on collecting
fish for aquaria when there is no material available on the dangers associated
with this regarding putting fish back into the wild, either at their place of
capture or anywhere else.  For me, having a law on the books preventing this
is better than nothing.  This is not pointed any anyone or any group, just a
broad statement that mostly applies to those who keep fish who are not aware
of the issues involved.  Anyone who cares about native fish beyond just
looking at them in an aquarium should be very concerned at this problem.  This
is where clubs like nanfa/nfc could get more involved with state agencies by
saying, hey, we know there are problems with this, we have educated our
members, we are trying to be responsable, we have a good reputation, hence can
we get a club permit to collect and keep X numbers of X species.

Peter Unmack

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