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Jackie <fishes2 at beaches_net>: Well I'll be!!!!!!!

Heh I am up for it...but you know its illegal to use a seine in
FL...never fear though .... since I collect largely by myself I have
gotten really good with a dipnet..... when would be a good time to go
-> I have been collecting natives for a long time (30 years off and on). At
-> 51 years of age I drag my nephew along with me for acouple of years now
-> he drags me.. I have wondered do other people like the darters like I
-> do?? Then I get my p.c. and the world shrinks and low and behold, I am
-> not alone or nuts as my wife says. I have got round flyers, alot of
-> different darters but find it hard to find good books on florida fishes.
-> Like the darters. E-mail me sometime or come over and I'll show you some
-> good sites in panama city. I do a lot of stuff (tanks and stands with
-> ocea products in Navarre). So E me sometime and help me find other
-> people that like this same stuff..
-> Jackie Howell XXXXXXX