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Re: The Real Problem?

Why not keep those Cichlids or some nice Sunnies and feed the Red shiners
to them?
I raised this issue because I think that "non-native" natives shouldn't be
returned and I don't care if there is a market for them... dump 'em, feed
them to other fish at home in your aquariums, use them as bait (after
killing 'em) or whatever just don't put 'em back.  
Unfortunately in California you mostly find "non-native" natives if we were
allowed to collect them and put them in our tanks maybe there would be less
of them around.  CA dept of fish and game doesn't know what to do with
people who want to collect and keep (not return) fish in their aquariums
and so we aren't allowed to legally capture and transport fish to our
Many, if not most, of the "non-native" were introduced by people who should
have known better and that penalizes the rest of us.
Once collected or captured never, never returned.

Dave Hall