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Re: Dealing with the real fish? problem

On Wed, 24 Jun 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> Florida has a nice poster and flyer about not releasing aquarium
> species...

Robert, do you have a specific contact through which I might be able to try
and get copies? 

> Peter  makes the point that to collect 10,000 red shiners and
> sell them would be difficult I agree but he misses the point of once
> caught never returned...

Well, actually I didn't, I just never mentioned it.  I've killed more
non-natives in Ash Meadows alone than I have had hot dinners....

> to one place or another and collects 200 cichlids 10,000 red shiners and
> a mes s of other nasty exotics. Well with the ERP he would have an avenue
> to sell some of the offenders and the procceeds would probably be enough
> to pay for the gas , food and what not so instead of Peter and his
> buddies being out 50 bucks and mess of exotics being  removed , a mess of
> exotics would be removed, some sold and Peter and co. would still have 50
> bucks and would be more likley  to go out again.....

Just as a side issue.  What happens when folks start making real money doing
this.  Wouldn't it provide an opportunity for unscrupulous folks to then
introduce money making species so they can do the same from their local
habitats?   How you keep it local and ethical is one of the bigger challanges.  
Public education is definately the biggest impacts groups like this can have
with smaller budgets since it mostly takes some smart thinking and getting
people off their arses.  The challenge is to get beyond the converted, to get
Joe Public in on this information.  Certainly, your volumous writings has been
a great start but it will need to move broader.

Keep up the fight Robert!

Peter Unmack

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