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Those "worthless" fish..Gambusia

Hi, all

The Gambusia species are native to North America and the U.S. Peter Moyle's
book Inland Fishes of California says " G. affinis is native to cental
North America from southern Illinois to Alabama and Texas and G.holbrooki,
native to the Atlantic coast from New Jersey to Florida."   It has been
widely introduced including (G. affinis) here in CA.  The Atlas of North
American Freshwater Fishes identifies G. gaigei ,    G. geiseri, G.
georgei, and G. heterochir all of Texas, G. nobilis of New Mexico and
Texas,  and G. rhizorphorae of South Florida, the keyes and Cuba.   
Gambusia means worthless but they charge for 'em if you want to stock 'em
in your pond.

Dave Hall