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Re: Feeding natives??

On Wed, 24 Jun 1998 Moontanman at AOL_COM wrote:

> On the subject of gambusia, I disagree about them being native to the eastern
> seaboard of the US.  The were Introduced in the 1800s to control mosquito
> population, which by the way they don't do a very good job of, preferring to
> eat the young of other fish rather than mosquitos. 

Two type localities are listed for Gambusia holbrooki, Florida and Charleston
SC.  It was described in 1859.  If it was native to SC then it is likely
native further north.  No one disputes that they have been widely introduced
within their native range from an early date.

Also, I was incorrect in stating NC as their northern native extremity, it is
considered to be native as far north as southern New Jersey. 

Peter Unmack