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Re: silversides

From a number of accounts, I have assembled the following "portfolio" 
concerning active pelagic fish such as the silversides and smelt.

1. These fish are physically set up for rapid bursts of speed, having an 
extended torpedo shape.

2. Being pelagic fish, they are very active, thus have a higher than 
normal need for oxygen.

3. Early reports indicated that fish such as these are quite delicate 
and the stress of capture causes significant mortality.

4. Further investigation revealed that pelagic fish are VERY intolerant 
of low oxygen levels and changes in temperature or water quality.  If 
adequate O2 can be maintained, along with ensuring minimal temperature 
and water quality changes, survivorship is greatly improved.

5. Stress seems to be a major factor in mortality. Water additives such 
as Hypno and Ship Right, which contain mild sedatives, may be invaluable 
in calming the fish and reducing stress and self-inflicted damage due to 
impacting the walls of the container they are placed in. Both products 
are available from Mail Order Pet Shop. Hypno is item #A2620, $4.99 for 
8 oz; Ship Right is item #A5708, $35.99 for 9 pounds.

6. I have sent a donation request to Mail Order Pet Shop asking for a 
donation of bags, elastic bands and Ship Right, which I hope they will 
donate in exchange for putting a flyer in all NFC fish shipments 
acknowledging their donation of the shipping materials.

7. At some point in the near future, we should do a study analyzing 
mortality and morbidity (i.e., death or disease/damage) using various 
shipping systems and products to find out, scientifically, what works 
the best. For instance, we could compare AquaSafe and AmmoLock II, both 
ammonia control products, both with and without Ship Right or Hypno, 
using controls (no products) for comparison. As far as I know, neither 
the aquaculture industry nor any fish organization has done a controlled 
study of this, which could be invaluable for reducing shipping losses 
and improving delivery systems.

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>Indeed! Hungry fish, with a taste for plastic, perhaps? ":)
>Phylesis at aol_com wrote:
>>The buckets they were transported from the lake in
>> were Home D white 5 gal from the paint dept, in case that has some 
>> Sadly, it is now among the missing.
>> but an interesting mystery.   : )

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