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Re: Feeding natives??

On Tue, 23 Jun 1998, Josh Wiegert wrote:

> Really?  I was under the distinct impression that they, as a genus, were
> from the tropics, and introduced into northern America to control
> populations.

Nope.  Most of the Gambusia species live in Mexico.  In the USA G. holbrooki
occurs naturally from around northern North Carolina through to around western
Alabama and Mississippi.  Gambusia affinis occurs from around that area
through to central Texas and a longs ways up the Mississippi drainage. From
there through the Rio Grande G. speciosa occurs.  The finer details of the
borders of each species have not been well defined likely due to
hibridization. None are native west of the Rockies and they have been widely
translocated within their native ranges too.  Several extinct and endangered
gambusias occur in western Texas and New Mexico with very limited natural
ranges being restricted to springs. 

Peter Unmack