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Re: No Subject

On Wed, 24 Jun 1998, D. Martin Moore wrote:

> Is that why CA is so tough on collecting?

More likely because CA has ~35 million people and somewhere around half (or
more maybe) of their fish fauna that is threatened in some way.  In AZ it is
illegal to transport any fish alive from their place of capture except about 5
exotic bait species, red shiner, fatheads, damnbusia, golden shiner, and
goldfish (and some of those can only be transported in certain counties).  You
can't even take your bass home alive.  This whole thing is to prevent
translocations of native fish and more introductions of non-natives.  I was
just finalising some GIS (Geographic Information System) work here (which is
on fishes in the southwest) and from our database there are 45 species of
introduced fish the Gila River system alone.  The original native fauna was
around 18 of which only about 12 are still found here. 


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