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Re: brook silversides

I recently had a similar expieriance with Inland Silversides in Florida. I had
collected a batch to send off to Dwight and lost the entire lot by afternoon.
All......except 1. When I discovered them floating and struggling I poured
them into the pond I've been holding the auction cichlids in. Soon after, I
retrieved 3 carcasses and assumed the fourth had provided a meal to some of
the inhabitants. However, at feeding time several days ago, I saw the long,
slender outline of a Silverside. A sole surviver. It had been suggested,
because they are not a sedintary species, constantly swimming back and fourth
in great scools, that they may have expired do to the shear bordem of buckets
and bags (shipping).  The water they came from and were sitting in was 8.4 ph
. The pond water, 7.4 . The buckets they were transported from the lake in
were Home D white 5 gal from the paint dept, in case that has some relavance.
Sadly, it is now among the missing.
but an interesting mystery.   : )