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Re: Feeding natives??

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On Tue, 23 Jun 1998, Kudzu wrote:

> Well with dip net in hand I have managed to catch a couple of fishes that I
> didn't know were in our lake. I have lived on the Tennessee River all my
> life and I am always finding out something new.  Now that I have identified
> them I need to know it they are worth keeping and if so what to feed them?
If its a native, its worth keeping! :)  Natives are generally pretty easy
to feed.  They do take some weaning over to flake foods,m like all wild
caught fishes.  Some will take it right away, some will rarely take it.  

> First one I assume is pretty common,
>  Mosquitofish -- Gambudia afinis
>     These appear to be eating ground up flake food all ready.
This is an introduced fish.  Its often confused with teh Guppy,Poecila
reticula, found in southern Texas and further south.  They are very
colourful, very hardy, and very easy to keep and breed.  They're also a
porlbematic fish, as they've been widely introduced.  They outcompete
native fishes.  Most likely a typo: Its Gambusia.  

> Brook Silverside -- Labiesthes siccuulus
>     While not very colorful he sure is a neat looking fish. If they are
> suitable as a community fish I would like to keep some of these.
Sorry, don't know anything about these ones....
J. L. 

> Tell me anything you can about these fish! Peterson's makes it easy to
> identify but tells nothing about there diet and breeding habits. All these
> are young fish too.
> Jeff <*\\><
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