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Re: No Subject

Once caught never released....
In CA would that apply to just about everything you catch since most
everything is introduced?  or is there a distinction between exotics and
introduced NA natives?

Dave HAll

> From: robert a rice <robertrice at juno_com>
> To: Phylesis at aol_com; nfc at actwin_com
> Subject: Re: No Subject
> Date: Sunday, June 21, 1998 5:04 AM
> Love it Darryl..................... once caught, once bought I assumed
> applys to both sport fisherman and aquarist ? 
> Needs a little touch up but that is a very nice peice you clearly spell
> out your message in a way folks understand, colorfull and honest
> sounding. I'd love to see the whole series put into a shorty article.....
> The save a Native Eat an Oscar line has potential as our first slogan on
> bumper stickers or pens... :)
> On Sun, 21 Jun 1998 12:07:48 EDT Phylesis at aol_com writes:
> >Hey guys, here is a series I was working on, any input welcome   :)    
> >  BTW
> >Herb are you getting any of these e-mails from me as I keep getting 
> >failed e-
> >mail messages on what I've sent you?
> >
> >
> >
> >Once caught, Once bought, NEVER Returned to the Wild
> >
> >			     What is that, what does it mean?
> >		This phrase is one of the ideals that serves as
> >	a foundation for the philosophies behind the NFC and
> >it's membership. It is a message we want to give to everyone, most of 
> >all,
> >enthusiasts in sportfishing and aquaria. But, what does it mean? Read 
> >on and
> >learn why.
> >	You just put your line in the water and BANG you get your 
> >first hit, the
> >fight begins. You reel, he runs,and you reel some more, he runs, and 
> >so on.
> >As you get your quarry close you scoop em up in the net.
> >Ahh, a large mouth bass, must be 4lbs. which will grow within a few 
> >short
> >hours to 8lbs. when you tell your buds over a cold one. You gently 
> >unhook
> >while admiring the olive greens and release him for another day. You 
> >have just
> >engaged in active conservation, Bravo.
> >	You rebait and toss the line out again and BANG, another hit. 
> >This one though
> >fiesty comes more quickly to your net. Damn, another one of them 
> >Oscars.
> >Pretty little beast though and you unhook and toss em back. OOOOPS   
> >Perhaps
> >you just didn't consider that this fish doesn't belong here. Perhaps 
> >your not
> >aware it takes the space and food that would have been a there for 
> >bass.
> >Perhaps you didn't notice that SHE was laiden with young on the verge 
> >of
> >birth. Her young will now contribute to the infestation and the 
> >struggle
> >continues.
> >     Any non-indigenous species relaesed to the wild costitutes a 
> >potential
> >threat to the native species there. They do not populate and live side 
> >by side
> >with the  indigenous native populations, they become the populations. 
> >Exotics,
> >especially cichlids, which are extraordinarilly aggressive,take the 
> >place of
> >natives as they win the competition for food and space.
> >		In Florida, these exotic pests infest almost every 
> >body of fresh water here
> >and in some areas they are the only visible fish of thier size.
> >		So when you catch one, keep em. Toss em to the shore 
> >or even on ice and fry
> >em up for dinner. But Never, Return them, to the wild.
> >					Save a native, Eat an Oscar.
> >
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