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Well, I guess it was inevitable, yesterday as I was feeding the accumilated
stock for ERP auction I noticed a drop off in activity associated with the
feeding ritual. Later that afternoon I decided to check the stock numbers and
found many missing. I must conclude a predator, probably of the winged sort,
 has had a nice meal of our cichlids.
    Still, some remain and have been moved to a tank temporarily indoors until
I can find a few used tanks 20 gal. and up to use for the holding of our
stocks. Not a prob, I will restock in a few days of collecting.
	Interestingly, the natives I had been holding for my own purposes seem to
have faired the attack best,as Chrysotus are the only missing natives
consisting of Blue Spotted Sunnies,H. formosa and Gambusia.  
    We will be holding our next ERP auction next week. I wiil make an
announcment at that time.