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Breeders Program News FLASH......

A bit more news, for all y'all:

        How can the NFC really make a difference? Sharing our vision. 

        This what Robert has done time and again, again. His piece
titled "Eulogy to a Ditch" is a perfect example of his dedication to
inspire his readers to action on behalf of the life sustaining areas
native fish dwell in, and thus the fish themselves, as its hard to
maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to when your whole world
ceases to exist.
        So, what can we do, now that he has inspired us? One thing that
is in the works as a way to pitch in is a plan proposed by Terry Mercer.
Terry first brought the ideas together in a message to Robert, who then
forwarded them to the list. Terry and I have gotten together recently on
this, and some of the details of the when and how are beginning to
emerge, though it is still early on yet.
        A program that just treats the symptoms of the larger issue will
not have long term gains. Why stop at the city's exit sign with a
campaign? The much greater threat lies in the unseen places that only
God and the person that's there know about. Somehow we have to reach
folks where they live, where they work, and by all means, where they
        So, this can also be a way to share the vision. Terry has titled
his ideas "Erin's Ditch" Outreach program. It could in part open the way
for schools and kids to learn and share more about the way of life of
native fish. A special fund, that Terry calls "Erin's Ditch" fund, will
be looked into. Lots of ways to get folks inspired and involved with
ways to contribute, and to stay with it once started, can come from
Terry's ideas. If the details can be worked out, this program, when
implemented, will be a part of the overall Breeder's Program Outreach
plans, which Terry will lead as the new Team Leader for these areas of
the Breeders Program. 
        As Terry has sketched it out for me, it sounds like a great
idea! In fact, several great ideas! I fully believe we can do this. A
time frame of a year to set things up seems appropriate to me, but maybe
it will come sooner. Perhaps short article write ups can begin sooner in
order to make contacts with the people that can work best for us, the
teachers, the 'school readers' program coordinators, and of course the
folks at the Weekly Reader type publications, but that's just a thought
for now.
        So, here is another goal to shoot for. There's lots to do.
Writing articles, contacting schools and PTA groups, getting folks
involved as many ways as we can. Then there are the tasks of raising the
fry for the program to a size and number that make giveaways and such
        Lots of ways anyone that has been inspired by what Robert has
written, or other ways, can chose to do. Biggest thing seems to me to
tell folks about what NFC is wanting to do. Course, you can tell folks
in lots of
ways, but a way that can have great sticking power is writing your ideas
down and maybe contributing an "article" about what you see NFC doing,
or maybe what great times you have collecting, or ... the list is
endless, but all can be used to open the eyes of someone to the joys you
have gained from the native fish and their way of life.
        Just may be that reading about the joys others have gained is as
significant in setting the stage for a later effort as the later effort
is in setting the stage for the real campaign directed at kids having
fun with mom and dad, or mom and dad learning from the kids, or a friend
sharing a good time "creekin", or so many ways that we are privileged to
have because these little fish are here for us today to get to know.
Surely they are worth our time.

        If anyone feels uncomfortable sending a write-up to the list,
I'd be happy to read what you have, and will give you my thoughts on it
if that would be helpful. Just send it on! When you think its done, we
will find a way to put it to good use!

        Robert has mentioned forming a writer's group or something to
that effect, so I just want to say that this is not a part of that
effort, but if you are interested in that, perhaps someone on the list
knows who to contact. I'm sure anyone that is sincere will find a good
way to share what they have for the benefit of all.

        At any rate, I want to thank Terry for his great ideas,
patience, and persistence! BRAVO Terry!

Thanks for your time, two times!


PS. Anyone wanting to know more about the Breeders Program in general
or, if you want to know more specifically about the proposed "Erin's
Ditch" program, you are invited to contact myself or any member of the
BP Outreach staff. May be a while before things get into full flight,
but the ground work needs helpers too! (ask Terry, we need volunteers!

NOTE:  The plan that Terry is working on will need through research
andplanning to cover all the legal questions and logistics, plus conform
to the NFC By-Laws and Articles of Association. The new Team structure
ofthe BP is up to the challenge, though, as it was for this very sort of
proposal that the overall program structure plan of the BP was created.
I will leave the details of that to private inquiries, so if you care to
know of the new things the BP is doing, just send me a line and I'll
happily bring you up to date.