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Breeders Program Update.... yes, again :)

Hi all,

	The first meeting of the BPExec team has concluded. There are new
things afoot with the BP! Isn't there always? ":)

	First,  the official goals of the Breeders Program are set as follows:

        "We intend to obtain native fish, raise and breed them, study
them, share what we learn, and help others appreciate the diversity of
life that these unique fish represent. In the process we will create a
comprehensive data source on many native fish species. Additionally, the
program will produce a source of revenue to further research efforts,
conservation projects, and education in many formats."

	We will have a new program structure. We will be working in a structure
with a Team at the top level, then subsequent Departments within the
Team. I have accepted Dwight Moody's nomination for the new Team Leader
of the Planning, Research and Legal Team. This Team will likely be
renamed by the Team Leader for easy recognition.
	Likewise for Terry Mercer, the Team Leader for the Education, Outreach,
and Awards Team. This Team also will likely be renamed by the Team
Leader for easy recognition.

	That leaves one Team without a person other than myself responsible for
its departments. The Team is again as yet unnamed, but the Departments
it contains are Procurement and Marketing. Volunteers? :)

	We went to this approach partly so that everyone knows where to look,
and whom to contact regarding a particular program activity. This
hopefully will make it easier for a member to participate in an area
that interests them.

	In other news, OK, OK, I get the message! Or rather, I don't get many
forms. HA :) Yes, I know, you told me so! Now we both feel be(i?)tter. 
HA!  No sweat  ":)

	So folks, lets try this. I take what information I have and put it on
the forms for you, though it will be incomplete, and send it to the
central email site for document recording - sort of Grandfather clause
it in. Now I must tell you, I may or may not have what you sent, as my
email from the ISP's I use goes buggy fairly regular. So, the central
web based site is a better way to go, as it is independent of my ISP's
having a bad day! Plus, it can be checked for completed request
fulfillment by anyone with a web browser and the access codes. Thing is,
if some guy with a back hoe along the fiber optic line link to here gets
a load on and cuts the line, both my ISP's go down!. If it happened
(again), some other member of the BP could fill in for me in the down
time if needed.

	I want to thank those folks that have sent in forms, for those that
haven't, think about it, ok? We do need it to be as accurate and well
documented as we can for the good of the program. Later when a member
somewhere wants fish, but the state the person is in wants to know just
exactly where they came from, we can give the information with no hassle
if we do it right from here on.
	Also, for those of you old timers from other interest groups (like
livebearers) that have seen the need for this before, we can keep up
with lineage and collection specifics easy now, but wait a year, and
that info may be lost in the shuffle somewhere. That's a good way to
lose a valuable group of specimens from a specific collection site (read
genetic makeup) to simple bad record keeping. We can do better. You
never know when that info may become important, for many reasons

Anyway, thanks for your time,

Herb Harris