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Re: "Patrick Draves" <Draves at worldnet_att.net>: native fish


Wrote to Pat late last nite, with an invitation to get on the list, much
as you did below.

Just don't know that I gave him the right sub<>ription info, as its been
a long while now since I got on the list. I'm sure if he tries to use
the info I gave him we will either see his posts, or Josh can tell me
what a klutz I am for handing out bogus info! ":)


mcclurg luke e wrote:
> OOOOOOKKKKKKKAAAAAAAYYYYYY...below is my two cents worth.
> > s?  Should I just get a regular
> > fishing license and let the details work themselves out?
>  NO! Check your state's laws first.  It's cheaper than paying a fine. :)
>   Second,
> are
> > the=
> > re any good internet resources
> > to which I can turn?
> The NFC web site is good.  Also try the North American Native Fishes
> Association site at www.nanfa.org  it has numerous links and other info.
> you can use.  Actually, both sites do...don't want to slight the NFC here.
> :)
>  Third, do they accept tankmates or should I just =
> > keep a breeding pair alone (or
> > even a single specimen)?
> They are generally reasonable in a community setting, but remember
> individual fishes temperments DO vary.  One may have the attitude of
> 'Daisy of Sunnybrook Farm' and the other could be 'Fishzilla'.  My
> personal experience has shown that keeping a fish well fed is the key to
> it's and fellow tank mates happiness.
> Luke McClurg