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Re: Fish Offer

On Thu, 18 Jun 1998, Kudzu wrote:

> I might be interested in the fish but wondered if you could tell me a bit
> more about them? Since I am new to natives and I am sure others are to here
> are some questions that came to my mind.
> What temps do they need?  --- approx. 40 to 90 degrees F.  mine are at
74 right now.
> Egg or live bearer? ---  egg
> What size of aquarium or what size are the fish? 20 gal. or up...2 to 3
> Are they schooling fish?  --- yes AND no, some fish school, others don't
> What type of environment do they prefer? Gravel or sand? Plants, current
> etc.  
I have caught Red Shiners in strong currents, rocky rifles and near
stagnant pools.  They are, in my opinion, 'the fish that's hard to
kill'...certainly one of the toughest of the shiners.  See "Fishes of
Kansas" by Joseph T. Collins for more info.  They are found in just about
every environment in Kansas waters, which contrary to popular belief do
have a large amount of variety.  Ask Garold Sneegas...he can tell ya.  :)

 I am sure I will think of other questions as soon I send this.
> I have two tanks that I am thinking about using to raise some natives in.
> One is a 20 long. It currently is a planted tank with a sand over kitty
> litter substrate. I have been thinking about tearing it down and making it
> in a riffle tank.

A 20 long would do nicely...

> The other is a 30 long. It has a gravel substrate with a single light and is
> lightly planted. There is a power head to create some current for the
> Cyrpts.

That will work too.
> One more question! Would they be compatible with Long Ear sunfish? That is
> one fish I hope to catch this summer for my show tank!

Yep, yep, yep...

Need more info.?  Drop me another e-mail...


> I think I have a source for boxes too. The one shop in out area throws his
> out I believe. I have been up there and seen boxes labeled Live animals
> stacked outside and I bet they were fish boxes. Will have to check on that.
> Jeff <*\\><
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