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Field Guides and reference books

In reference to an earlier post concerning books about Tennessee River 

There are a number of reference works and field guides available from 
Jim Forshey at The Aquatic Book Shop, P.O. Box 2150, Shingle Springs, CA 
95682-2150. He can be reached by email (jim at seahorses_com) or by 
Internet (http://www.seahorses.com).  Sample listings of interest to NFC 
members below:

Item #    Description                        Price

N-238    Fishes in Kansas                    $12.95

N-365    The Fishes of Tennessee             $70.00

N-239    Fishes of the Central US            $17.95

N-227    Fishes of the Okeefenokee Swamp     $22.19

FAMA-1   A Net Full of Natives               $ 7.95

N-180    Our Native Fishes                   $14.95

N-205P   Freshwater Fishes
        (Peterson's Field Guide)             $16.95

N-413P   Freshwater Fishes of California     $13.00

N-404    Fish and Fisheries of Nevada        $49.95

N-95     A Distributional Atlas of 
         Kentucky Fishes                     $21.60

N-229    Ecology and Classification of
         North American Freshwater
         Invertebrates                       $62.50

N-96     The American Darters                $29.95

N-334    Atlantic Coast Fishes
         (Peterson Field Guides)             $21.95

N-334    Atlas of NA Freshwater Fishes       $30.00

N-12     The Audubon Society Field Guide
         to NA Fishes, Whales and Dolphins   $19.00

These are just a small selection of available new books.  Additional new 
titles of interest to NFC members, as well as used books, are also 

PS: Konrad - could you put this listing in the next Flier? Could be a 
great help to new native fishkeepers.  Martin - how about posting it to 
the website?

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