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Fish ID (was: fish ID ideas?)

Well my curiosity was running rampant today. Since I drive by this spring
ever time I leave home I decided to take another look and hoped to see the
mystery fish. There is a small poured concrete bridge across this spring
that goes to an old pump house. Seem this was community water supply many
years ago.

I got on my knees and peered under the bridge when I could not find any fish
anywhere else. Low and behold there was a fish there. I could see him very
well and it was a Sculpin. I am not convinced this is the same fish because
this one was brown and had dark brown stripes. The first fish I saw was
black or very dark brown with no markings. It would appear that this was
either a Banded Sculpin or a Mottled Sculpin. From the Peterson's
description I lean toward Mottled. Of course this still leaves the mystery
of what the other fish was. But now we do know that Sculpin's live here.

The one thing that I find odd it that this little spring run from its head
to the Lake (Tennessee River) is no more than 1/4 mile. Guntersville Lake is
not a likely looking place for Sculpins to live. I have lived on this lake
all my life and scuba dive in it and have yet to ever hear of a Sculpin
there. Really makes me wonder where it came from?

Jeff <*\\><
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