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Fish Offer

I have a NON breeders offer for you.  I had a very productive day of
collecting yesterday and came home with a bucketfull of Red Shiners.
(Cyprinella lutrensis I believe is the Scientific Name)  They are in good
shape and are currently undergoing quarantine.  Here is the offer:

  For any person new to natives or anyone who has been out of them for a
while I will donate 6-10 of these fishes to get you started.  These fishes
are reasonably easy to keep, make a good community fish and are (so I am
told) also apt to spawn for the owner redily.  As supplies allow, I will
also include the "catch of the day" which could include various sunfishes,
darters, minnows and even crayfish (if asked for).  The "catch of the day"
must be requested but I can't make any guarantees on what it will be.  All
the person or persons needs to do is send me a box and pay the shipping.
I've had many people offer me advice and they have been BEYOND patient
with me.  So, in way of saying thanks to such men as Robert Rice, Konrad
Schmidt, Ray Katula, Carl Schoening, Dwight Moody and many others I would
like to participate in helping others along in this love of ours.  This
offer is good until Sept. 30, 1998.

  Contact me on my e-mail:
                            mcclurgl at acc_wuacc.edu 

 (note: there are no numbers in that address, all letters)

 If there are breeders interested, I think I have to register them
first on the breeders exchange (Herb is that right?) but I will try to do
that if I have little response from this offer next month.

Luke McClurg