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Re: Fish ID ideas?

>Hmmm...  It could possibly be a sculpin.  However, sculpins are primarily
>associated with rocky areas and cold water.  The spring may be cold enough
>to support it. You seem to indicate that the stream is more palnt-filled,
>which does help to rule out a sculpin.  It still could be, though.

Well the spring is maybe 48" wide and 12" deep at its widest. I is moslty
rock but the Water Cress has taken over. If it weren't for that it would be
a typical creek with lots of small rock. I don't know how cold the water is
for sure but your hands get cold fast! I would guess it to be in the 65
degree range.

>I don't htink it was a darter.  Darters typically do not have a head much
>wider than the rest of the body.

It had a large head! I didn't think it was a darter but not really sure.
Haven't seen many up close to know.

>My next guess would be that it was a catfish of some sort.  Possibly a
>bullhead, madtom, etc.

I wondered about a Madtom but again having never seen one........

>(Don't ask how, but its a common superstition on
>newsgroups [i.e., places to post spam] that if you type the word "pleco"
>your pleco will die.)

Well that is a new one on me! Hope that doesn't kill the two in my tanks 8*)
I have grown rather fond of them.

>Did it bounce along the bottom?


>Did it swim just off the bottom?

Yup like a rocket too! It moved very fast but only a short distance.

>Did it sit around?

Yup! It just sat there while I pointed it out to a lady that came by to
collect water. (The spring is very popular place to get drinking water) I
almost had to touch it to make it move.

Once I get my Collectors Permit and find out exaclty what methods are legal
I will try to catch one and see if I can identify it. Just has my curiousty

Jeff <*\\><
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on the heel that has crushed it" Mark Twain
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