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Re: H. formosa

Well, the consensus is that they (or, rather, that one particularly active
male) were just too hungry to resist. That shouldn't be a problem now, and
I do believe I saw the surviving fry poke his head out of the Java Moss a
few minutes ago, without being molested by anyone. The little devils are
truly beautiful and incredible foragers. One of the females "accidentally"
bumped into some snail eggs on the side of the tank and quite patiently
picked off and ate about half the clutch.

Yes, Robert, there is a discernable patch of red on one of the juvenile's
dorsal, although I'll confess that I don't see any red on any of the others

Hurray...that surviving fry is now swimming fully exposed at the front of
the tank (now he's gone back into the moss) without being bothered. So,
cheers, Robert...I am a proud father!