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Re: H. formosa

Usually it is not a problem IF they have adequete food...In their case
they were a bit hungry Id put some mosquito larvae or frozen bloodworms
in there and things should settle down...So have the little red spots on
the dorsal fin showed up yet >>>?

On Wed, 17 Jun 1998 15:45:10 -0500 Terry Mercer
<tmercer at wichita_infi.net> writes:
>The H. formosa arrived about three hours ago and they are all happily 
>swimming around in their new home. Have already had two fry (well, not 
>personally, but you get the idea!).
>Which brings me to my question: everything I read on H. formosa 
>that adults eating the fry was not a problem. However, I have one very
>active little male that consumed one fry in the twinkling of an eye, 
>chased the other back into the heavy Java Moss. Do you reckon this is 
>result of the stress of shipping? Can I anticipate that he will settle 
>and become a more typical papa...or should I move him to another tank?
>Thanks again.

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