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Fish ID ideas?

I stopped by a spring that I collect plants out of in North Alabama today.
This spring runs out from under a hill and heads into the Tennessee River.
The water is probably in the 60's. I had spotted a fish the other day and
went back looking. Today I found (2) 2"-3" long fish. The one I could see
clearly was shaped much like a Pleco. Large head skinny tail and the two
pelvic or pectoral fins are parallel to the bottom. The fish was black or at
least dark brown. No other apparent markings. The two pectoral fins had
white or clear markings on them. Keep in mind that I over him looking
straight down.

I didn't try to catch him since I have not yet gotten my collectors permit.
I have looked at Peterson's and nothing looks quite right. Some have some
clue and lead me to toward what it might be? I am guessing it is most likely
a sculpin or darter. However I just didn't see one that looked right.

In case it matter this spring is overrun with Water Cress and a few

Jeff <*\\><
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