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The ditch sermon for the month :)

Hi folks ,

Grassroots conservation like whats happening in Boston That in a nutshell
is what NFC was made for. Aquarium keeping of NA Natives is a very
interesting hobby but only a small plank in the greater conservation
crisis our ditches, streams and creeks face. Literally an entire mosaic
of life depends upon the small and insignificant waterways and they are
dissapearing fast and for very few good reasons. Basically because they
are an inconvience to someone in power.

When Aquarist join Conservationist naturalist sport fishermen and the
like and tackle local enviromental issues this plowing over of our little
places will stop. Eggheads , PHDs and the like cant do it. The general
citizen can. Imagine the day when 20 moms with kids in tow show up at a
city council meeting demanding that XYZ creek be left alone. XYZ Creek is
a defacto class room to many of those kids and a virtuall lifesaver to
the wildthings around there. Believe me the city council will listen.The
last thing they want is the local press covering the struggle of local
housewives and their children to save a local creek from progress.

 Now if three PHD's showed up instead of the housewives. They would have
spoke about watershed integrity , biodiversity etc etc etc and would have
been passed off politley and a motion would have been passed and XYZ
creek would be gone. I know because I've been to council meetings that
have happened both ways. The grassroots method works. SO WHEN IT COMES TO
rude to the PHD's but every great motion in this country has started from
the bottom up. Including it's formation.

As an example to form the NFC I was told it would take a minimum of 18
months and 5000 bucks to get incorperated , Not For Profit Status etc.
Then an additional several thousand to do our first outreach newsletter.
Well my Lawyer was wrong, took us 6 months and less than a 1000 bucks.
Including the mail out. 2500 paper copies and 5000 email copies have gone
out allready. More to follow. If we had listened to the people who are in
the know we would have done nothing. Instead a freelance writer, a former
law student a partime fisheries employee and a few PHD consultants made
the NFC . Today the NFC has a profit and is acruing members at a good
clip well on line to hit the 1000 member mark this year. WE CAN DO THE


Common people doing uncommon things. It's what makes the world go around

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