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Re: Terry Mercer <tmercer at wichita_infi.net>: The "Ditch" piece

I have a similar problem bite me this week, I went to one of my favorite
places to collect madtoms and grass pickeral. What I found was a sewage ditch!
I tried my dip nets anyway and caught some sickly looking gambusia a few
crayfish, and some fresh water fiddler crabs. I deciced to set a trap onver
night to see if I could cath a sample of fishes living there, I caught three
sunfish, very ragged sunfish. a couple of years ago a trap set at that spot
would have had dozens of madtoms, bullheads, sunfish, a siren or a amphima.
It' sad, but what can you do? There was even an out board motor that was
making an oil slick, pressure treated lumber peices, paint cans every where. I
know where this stream starts and ends. Lots of constuction, and old houses,
and lots of sewage tanks.