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Re: proposed aquarium Suggestions and comments NEEDED badly

Let me add my two cents worth.  Personally, I'd lose the Bass.  They get
big fast.  (I tried it once so I know)  I'd keep the 'gills and the
catfish.  Have you considered a Bullhead?  I kept one in  a tank for over
a year and it did very well.  You might also double check the laws
concerning the possesion of Game Fish in your aquarium in your state.  If
you go with the Bass, I would recommend starting it on feeder goldfish.
Every other day to every third day seems sufficient if you feed it untill
it's full.  (not unusual to have a tail or two sticking out their mouths
when there done...)  I would personally avoid bait store fish as they seem
to have a lot more diseases...although feeders aren't always much better.
A bullhead might do better with a Bass as they seem to like to hide in the
rocks more than some other 'cats'.  Once whatever you have it eating,
slowly convert it over to 'pellets' by dropping in a few after feeding it
a single feeder at a time.  This has always helped me.  Once they get
their feeding frenzy up, they generally start to hit anything that breaks
the water surface.  It takes a few weeks though to get them trained so be
patient.  The bluegills would probably do better in that size of tank and
you could feed them with much less "mess" on bloodworms, tubifex and
pelleted food.  Good Luck!

Luke McClurg

On Mon, 15 Jun 1998, Mark Binkley wrote:

> >everybody that replies seems to be agreeing on one point that the bass
> >and cat will be OK but the gills or whatever panfish I choose will cause
> >the problems r.e. aggression.  Is this true???
> Expect aggression from the bass as well.
> >what if I just did the bass and a cat would this give my tank some more
> >longevity regarding size problems?
> Yes.  What kind of cat are you talking about?  Anything but madtoms will
> get real big too.  Madtoms would be at risk of being swallowed by the bass.
> Noturus flavus will get to about 12" max.  If you can start with real
> small fish - 1-2" - you could keep a community until they got too big.
> Then you can fry them up!  Mmm, mmm.
> >what about your experiences with COST to feed a bass???
> I would guess that bass are like other large predators in that they can eat
> a large meal and go without feeding for a while.  This may also be
> temperature dependent.  If you can catch or buy minnows or crayfish from
> the bait shop, you could maybe keep your costs down.  Train him to eat beef
> heart or store bought fish or shrimp.
> >the cat I figure I will feed worms and other stuff not a problem
> >but I think the bass need a more substantial diet and alot of it.  Am I
> >right?
> Not sure.
> Mark Binkley
> Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
> mbinkley at earthling_net
> Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him
> to use "the Net" and he won't bother you for weeks.