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Keep it Simple etc.

Hey all.
    Yes, I see good reason for making everything nice and legal, making
sure theres third parties, and so on.  However, I strongly believe that as
things get more and more copmlicated (applications only to this adress,
must have this subject, this stuff to this addy, that stuff to this one,
etc. etc.) less nad less people are going to want to get involved.  
    If too much "ritual" gets involved in donating fish, making a request
for fish, joining a program, and so on, especially when the rules aren't
put down readily, people aren't going to do it.  It becomes too much
hassle for them to bother with.  Especially when you throw the L-word
(legal) in there.  People start thinking that if theyd o it wrong, its not
legal - i.e., illegal.  Maybe a bit of a stretch, but. . . . 
    Theres a reason why the simplest solution is usually the best.  People
actually are willing to doi t.  By nature, people are lazy.  We like to do
things simply.  We stick teh burrito in the nuke-box for 2 minutes, not
one minute on this side, one on the other.  Yes, its a bit more work for
the people in charge (Herb/Robert/etc.) to sift through e-mails and try to
figure out whats what.  
    To that end, a good subject line is important.  However, making it
requirements and so on becomes too much.  When you get into issues like a
third party witenessing for tax purposes and so on, people are going to
become hesitant to do anything. People are going to worry that they're
going to just wind up making or getting trouble. 
    Lastly, please note that the NFC list is open to everyone, and not a
healthy forum for political arguements.  Thats one of the minor reasons, I
believe, that NFCexists, to avoid all these political arguements and so
on.  I see nothing wrong with posting the results of an ongoing managerial
debate, however, the debate shouldn't be held over the list. A dozen
e-mails on one point about NFC to a person on list for Native Fish is
going to chase them off, wheras they may have joined NFC given another few

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