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Re: corrupted e-mail


	Give me the senders time & id stamp on the messages, along with subject
line and reply to fields, and I can identify the message and forward it
to you if I recieved a copy.
	Basically need the expanded full header to see what message is what for
sure cause several with the same subuct line may have been sent.


Phylesis at aol_com wrote:
>         Hey guys,
> 3 pieces of e-mail came through,but I am unable for whatever reason to open
> them, All 3 are from 6/14/98 as follows :
> Subject                                                                 From
> Collecting results                                      robertrice at juno_com
> Re:BOUNCEnfc@atwin...   MOJOMAN@prodigy....
> Re:Breeders Program particiption   robertrice at juno_com
> If someone could resend these  I would be very appreciative
>                                                                 thanks
>                                                                         Daryl