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Re: Breeders Program participation)

Herb and all,

Well now as far as I am concerned unless people were/are willing to
following the Breeders program as setup then folks should get no
fish.....I can easily sell these fish the supply is far under  the

I donated fish to start a breeders program because I believed we could do
2 neat things 1 fill in the life histories of these fish 2. Use it as a
vehical to allow aquarist to get fish while funding the NFC at the same
time. It's not a free fish giveaway...So People need to get on the stick.
If I had known only one person had filled out the paper work I would
never have sent the fish....

When people fill out the forms etc I will be glad to start shipping fish
but only when I get the OK from the admin istrator of the
program.......So everyone get on the ball on this issue or we are headed
for a problem......................

Clearly repost the rules for the Breeders Program and reask folks to
follow it. If they don't I send them bills next week.


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