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BP Fish Registration Form (was Re: Breeders Program participation)

Sorry bout that Robert.

robert a rice wrote:
> Herb and all interested parties,
> snip<
>....Again all That I ask is that my Life be made simple by A. Folks
> being patient (it's 119 heat index today) B. Everything be run through
> the breeders program period...I already have gotten several notes from
> folks who picked it up of the net saying theyd like 25 XYZ fish deliver
> them to ABDJD they dont want to buy them , pay for shipping or join the
> NFC they want something for nothing...
> That I do not need !! If people are DEAD serious about breeding and
> SHARING them within the breeders club framework I'll work on it....BTW
> can we get a head count as to who has what started in the Breeders
> program ?
> RR

	Let me see if this helps, sounds like we all need a break from the
heat. ":)  Here's a plan:

	I have sent out a "registration form" message to all BP members to sign
their fish into the program with, but so far Bill Flowers is the only
person responding, so as of now he is the only one with registered fish,
and these are not the fish you had sent him, but some Gambusia affinis
that he already had. 20 of them, all to be placed in the program.

	I too get somewhat frustrated with this situation, since we have little
in the way of participation so far, except for people asking, and
receiving your fish, and the notes passed back and forth between you and
the recipients with reports of receipt and condition of these fish,
which no one then bothers to carry through to the registration part of
the program.
	Everyone that is a member of the BP agreed (see membership application)
before I asked for the first fish to be shipped to register all fish
that would be in the program, as that's the only way to keep track of
the "who's got what" part of it, as I too get way too many emails in a
day to go through each and every one, that is NFC related, looking for
the possibly obscure reference to what fish they have, if they have it,
or if they are just planning to have it someday, maybe. We have a
process that needs to be followed that will make everyone's life much

	So, here again is the registration form. Anyone that has fish to be put
in the BP, please fill it out and send it in, with

NFC BP Fish Registration

as the subject so that I will not overlook it in the 150+ email lists
(not posts - that ranges in the K's) I receive in a day. Though
Netscrape is very efficient at filtering and sorting my mail, nothing,
including me, is perfect. Please just help out here folks, ok?

	In the future, I suggest all correspondence concerning any introductory
offers for the BP be directed to me. I will do my best to provide an
answer to all questions concerning this program, although I may not
provide the answer the questioner wants to hear. 
	Furthermore, if anyone has fish to be donated to the breeders program,
we are in the process of setting up just how this will be handled. Not
exactly a snap and poof, its done sort of thing. I wish this process
were further along, but as of now, just let me know that the fish are
available, and what your terms are for shipping (donation,
reimbursement, ect.) and as the program gets in higher gear we will ship
your fish to a BP participant that will indeed share what is learned,
and the offspring of the fish, or be called to answer why not. This way
we can all avoid a good deal of further frustration concerning this
issue. It would be helpful if the subject line of your message contained 

Fish Donation

in it, but I can live without it if I must. ":)

Also, just to keep the who gets what straight, please direct all
correspondence to Daryl Roche concerning the Exotics Removal program, be
it donations of fish, time, or other resources. Thanks.

Herb Harris


NFC BP Fish Registration


        Just a few quick questions for you to "register" fish for the
breeders program. Please complete the following for each species of fish
you wish to enter. Just use this "form" for any fish in the future as
well, until we have to go to something else. Thanks.

Herb Harris

NFC BP Fish Registration Form

 What is the species name?


 How many do you have on hand currently?


 How many do you want to enter in the program?


 What is your equipment setup for these fish?


 Do you have experience with breeding these before?


 If yes to question 5, briefly describe your experience.



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