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Re: Breeders Program participation

Herb and all interested parties,

I do not mind setting up 2-6 breeders up with pygmy sunfish the demand
far outstrips my ability to produce fish...A productive mid sized colony
can easily produce 300 in a year...

I will sell 300 + this year and give away at least that many
more....Again all That I ask is that my Life be made simple by A. Folks
being patient (it's 119 heat index today) B. Everything be run through
the breeders program period...I already have gotten several notes from
folks who picked it up of the net saying theyd like 25 XYZ fish deliver
them to ABDJD they dont want to buy them , pay for shipping or join the
NFC they want something for nothing...

That I do not need !! If people are DEAD serious about breeding and
SHARING them within the breeders club framework I'll work on it....BTW
can we get a head count as to who has what started in the Breeders
program ?



On Sun, 14 Jun 1998 14:25:27 -0500 Herb Harris <top_side at geocities_com>
>	I'm not sure, but will forward your message to Robert to 
>check. Now
>don't you go moving the sofa out to make room for more tanks, ya hear?
>tayers at bridge_com wrote:
>> Hi Herb,
>> Do you know if I've missed out on Robert Rice's offer of free fish?
>> I'd be very happy to pay shipping and handling charges. I have a 
>> set up for some pygmy sunfish and I remember those being on his 
>> I might still be interested even if I have to pay. :-)
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
>> Tim Ayers                                        tayers at bridge_com
>> St. Paul, Minnesota
>> Bridge, Inc.                                        www.bridge.com

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