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Re: Ideas

robert a rice wrote:

> Bill,
> A question for you .How are all the aquarium societyis contacted ?
> We
> could do a mass mailing of the flier to them if it would be
> practical....Let me know we also have the text version avaliable....
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     A good place to start is at the Federation of American Aquarium
Societys (FAAS).  They have a list of members and there email
addresses. Some others are the Krib and Aquaricentral.

Title: F.A.A.S. Homepage

F.A.A.S. online

Federation of American Aquarium Societies

Welcome to the Federation of American Aquarium Societies Web Page.


We will have a listing for all member clubs with a contact. We hope, that if you are not already a member of a club, you will find one in your areato join.

There is also a listing of Conventions, Shows and Auctions, again with a contact.

We are planning on having a few articles from back issues of The FR, our bi-monthly journal included in the site from time to time.

Important legislation which could effect the hobby will be listed to-gether with information on who to contact.

There is even a listing of all the FAAS Directors and Committee Chairs, with E-Mail addresses where applicable.

If you belong to a FAAS member club you can arrange to have your event listed by contacting our Editor, Marge Anderson. If you are not a member of FAAS maybe you should consider joining! If you wish Membership information please contact Hedy Padgett.

Leighton A. Irwin, President

Fedration of American Aquarium Societies

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