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 To all,

     Our aquarium club is having a fish show and auctiun on September
12-13. Two of the classes are Aquarium beautiful and Novelty tank.
I was considering setting up 2 ten gallon tanks representing a
different states fish and aquatic plants. I would be willing to pay
for the postage to get this idea going. If any body would like to help
me, please email me. Also this show has a Native fish class and
anybody that would like to enter let me know and I will get the info
to you.
      This idea is to help get our flier to all the serious aquaridt
in the USA. The aquarium clubs of America share their monthly
publications with each other. They normally put their address on each
others mailing list. This would get the flier to quite a few aquarist
around the country. This might also keep us informed about different
shows and conventions around the country.
     Well that is all the thinking for this week, got a bad headache
now. :o)

       Bill Flowers