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Re: Fish Shipments

L ommata are continious spawners....neat fish,,....I had 1 extra longear
thought youd enjoy it ...the guy in San Diego sells em if your interested
in more.....

On Fri, 12 Jun 1998 07:54:11 -0400 Chris Darrow <darrowcs at sover_net>
>All fish arrived fine Wednesday morning ! The mailman actually hand
>delivered the box since he knew I was expecting them.
>The L ommatta are a neat little fish what do you know about their
>spawning habits? Are they seasonal spawners or are they periodic
>spawners ?
>My only question is about the single large sunfish. What is it? 
>Sunfish? Why just one? What did you have in mind? Now I'll want more 
>those, I hate having just one.  
>Chris Darrow

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