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Re: Taking it to the store

No no, not 'sea monkeys'.  Definately not 'sea monkeys'.  These shrimps
are the kind that look like miniature 'horshoe crab/shrimp mutations'.  If
you haven't seen them in your area and are curious, I'll buy you a box
(about $10...I think) and send them to you.  I've seen these shrimps on
nature shows and they were in a "dipnetter" article in FAMA some time back
as well.  I don't know the scientific name but I did think it had
something to do with "triops...blah blah blah...or something like that" :)
so don't hold me to that part of it.  The speicmen I saw was over an inch
in length in a little tank of about 1 gallon in volume.  Interesting
looking little monsters.  Might try some myself sometime.


On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Herb Harris wrote:

> Luke,
> 	You ain't talkin bout "sea monkeys" are ya? Like brine shrimp? That
> sales gimmick worked for years, and I guess it is still around. At least
> with NA fish, the fish looks like a fish, and you "gets what ya pay
> fur".
> Herb
> mcclurg luke e wrote:
> > 
> > Ooh, you want to be careful.  Local wildlife and parks officials might
> > have a field day with this one.  Check you local laws first.   Otherwise,
> > I think it's an excellenct idea myself.  I saw a display a couple of weeks
> > ago of these boxed sets containing those "triops" shrimps (I think) that
> > are found in the dessert.  You buy the setup and the eggs hatch and you
> > have strange looking shrimp in your tank.  If this can work, why won't
> > natives?  If the laws allow, give it a try...after all the worst that can
> > happen is it doesn't succeed.
> > 
> > Luke