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Welcome to the list! (was Re: Anyone Know a good fish?)

Hi Steven,

	Welcome to the list, and thanks for letting us know this may be more
than just a good sounding idea.
	Such a program will take us a while to set up, as there is a certain
period from "seed time" to "harvest" on fish, as can be expected. As we
go along, I will have more details to share of this idea, which may turn
into an ongoing event.
	Of course, all this depends on the fed regs, and state regs of the
state where the sender is and where the receiver is, all being followed,
and a bit of checking is in order for anyone interested in getting these
"offers", if we have them later. So any "offer" is of course subject to,
at the very least, those sorts of limitations.

	Stay in touch, and we can see where it leads. Again, thanks for

Herb Harris