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Re: Taking it to the store

The Triops shrimp are actually tadpole shrimp, which are a native 
species that is considered a pest in rice plantings, as they breed like 
crazy, churn up the mud and uproot rice seedlings. They are detritivores 
found in vernal pools also. They hatch, grow, breed, lay eggs,  and in 
the wild, die when their pool dries up. There was an article about the 
Triops in either AF or FAMA in which the author advised only using a 
little of the dried mud the eggs are in as to use all of it creates too 
much turbidity and the tadpole shrimp can't be observed and they are an 
interesting critter - sort of a holdout from the age of the dinosaurs.  
Apparently they are a good food for larger fish, such as sunnies or 

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>	You ain't talkin bout "sea monkeys" are ya? Like brine shrimp? That
>sales gimmick worked for years, and I guess it is still around. At 
>with NA fish, the fish looks like a fish, and you "gets what ya pay
>mcclurg luke e wrote:
>> Ooh, you want to be careful.  Local wildlife and parks officials 
>> have a field day with this one.  Check you local laws first.   
>> I think it's an excellenct idea myself.  I saw a display a couple of 
>> ago of these boxed sets containing those "triops" shrimps (I think) 
>> are found in the dessert.  You buy the setup and the eggs hatch and 
>> have strange looking shrimp in your tank.  If this can work, why 
>> natives?  If the laws allow, give it a try...after all the worst that 
>> happen is it doesn't succeed.
>> Luke

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