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Re: Anyone Know a good fish?

Shouldn't be a problem with the eggs of most of our plant-spawning 
killifish, which can be handled the same way as eggs from non-native 
plant spawning killifish.

ALSO: H. formosa is a good starter fish or candidate for 
freebies/introductory packets.  Due to small size, the postage is 
minimal, as they don't need a lot of water to ship in.  I sent abot 50 
H. formosa, packed three trios to a bag, with all bags inside a 
styrofoam box which was inside a cardboard box and postage was about $7. 
I would think that we could ship a trio of H. formosa for less than $2.

Suggestion: advertise a "Try a Native" special, which would include a 
trio of H. formosa for $5, plus $2 s/h, which includes a NFC Beginner's 
Guide to Keeping Natives and 10% off coupon for their next purchase of 
fish from the NFC.

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>Hi Luke,
>	Would these be easy to raise? Looking for something that might serve 
>be used to "introduce" folks to the keeping of natives, so may go to
>"newbies" to the aquarium hobby. Sort of want to keep it simple for
>	I know the smaller native catfish I have are SUPER easy to care for,
>just watch what ya put in the tank with them, if ya want to keep it! :)
>mcclurg luke e wrote:
>> Just a 'guess'.  How would some of the Madtoms do?  I know larger 
>> of catfish take several days to hatch.
>> On Sun, 7 Jun 1998, Herb Harris wrote:
>> > Hi all,
>> >
>> >       Thinking about fish eggs. Shipping them. For "starter" setups 
>> > "free" offers. Killie folks do it all the time to "evangilize" 
with. Any
>> > of the NA fish that we deal with good candidates for this sort of 
>> > Egg needs some "shelf life", say at least 3 days before hatching.
>> >       Anyone know a good fish?
>> >
>> > Herb

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