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Re: Taking it to the store

For laughs I picked up some "triops" at my local pet store a few months ago.
They are actually quite amazing.  If you remove the water from the tank and let
the substrate dry out for a couple of months, you can fill the tank with water
and have a whole new colony.

 > > > Ooh, you want to be careful.  Local wildlife
and parks officials might
> have a field day with this one.  Check you local laws first.   Otherwise,
> I think it's an excellenct idea myself.  I saw a display a couple of weeks
> ago of these boxed sets containing those "triops" shrimps (I think) that
> are found in the dessert.  You buy the setup and the eggs hatch and you
> have strange looking shrimp in your tank.  If this can work, why won't
> natives?  If the laws allow, give it a try...after all the worst that can
> happen is it doesn't succeed.
> Luke
> On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Herb Harris wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> >     I received an idea from a member recently, and thought I'd run it by
> > the list to see whether anyone has done this before, and if so, the
> > upside or downside of it. Sounds like a great idea, long as any
> > legalities are taken care of.
> >
> > Quote:
> >
> > "- is going to one of the LFS in which I spend way too much time and way
> > too much money and talking them into letting me come in on Saturday,
> > stocking a tank with a representative native, and spend the day selling
> > the fish, handing out information, generally spreading the news, all
> > while giving them their normal profit on what fish do sell out of the
> > native tank. After all, more LFS would sell native fish if they
> > perceived a market for them and the market for them would develop if
> > more people knew about them, i.e. if more LFS sold them."
> >
> >     Anyone tried this?
> >
> > Herb
> >


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