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Re: CrawDad Question


	Bout all I know for sure bout crawdads are they are good boiled with
Zatran's boil, and the sunnies love them at least as much as me, just
not with the Zatran's!  ;)

	Want to try to raise them up to try for the first idea? I might bid on
that if you could throw a good crawdad boil in the deal come say, maybe
oh, September. :)

	Kidding, can't get away from here for that long for sure! But we will
look into finding a home for them with someone.
	Be patient, Dad. Mom will only get to the yununs if she has no other
food to eat, and since they eat just bout everything you leave in the
tank that they can catch, not much problem. If it don't move, even
better! The little ones are really only in danger while they molt, when
they are more or less immobile for a while. Still, just provide them
with hiding places, and that's not a prob. Shipping can go whenever,
keep just damp in baggies with plenty of air. Paper can be used to give
them hiding places.


Josh Wiegert wrote:
> Hey All.
> snip<
>   Ok, onto real stuff.  Last time I went collecting, I caught a female
> crawdad with a ton of eggs under her tail.  She's since been living in a
> plastic tank under my desk.  Her eggs have hatched, and theres now several
> hundred crawdad fry (whatever. :) crawling around the basin.  Question is,
> how long before the mother starts eating them?  How long before they start
> eating one another?  How long before they can be safely shipped?  They've
> bee3n donated to NFC to auction off. :)
> ><>