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Here is my ads for the NFC Bulletin Board....

Robert Rice 2213 Prytania Circle Navare Florida 32566 email
robertrice at juno_com Has for sale /trade H. Formosa, F. Chrysotus, Flagfin
Shiner, Sailfin shiner, pygmy sunfishes many unusual extras.....3 bucks a
fish 12 fish minimum add 12 bucks postage/box.

Add This one Too

R>RICE (see  above) looking for amature photographers to earn a little
extra money by supplying photos for my column in TFH.

and this one 2

Tyson Lagillandaie 8483 Blue Lake Dr. San Diego Ca. 92119 619-462-1643
has Tadpole madtoms,longear sunfish, orangespot sunfish,dollar sunfish
all domestically reared 3 bucks a fish 12 fish minimum add 12 bucks
postage (mix n match is OK). 

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