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Collecting in Branson, MO.

Hello all,

  I was just wanting to let you all know that several of us will be doing
some collecting in Branson, MO. area this fall.  The first week of
October.  The tentative dates are the 8th and 9th, plus any other days
people could get together.  We are looking for various darters as well as
the Duskystripe Shiner and the Cardinal Shiner, although we'll have to
drive a ways to find the latter.  If you are interested let me know either
here or at my e-mail address: mcclurgl at acc_wuacc.edu  (no #'s in that
address, all letters)  I would hope to find enough of several species to
donate them to various breeders and an NFC fish auction.  Not to mention
filling our own tanks!  :)

Luke McClurg