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Re: Anyone Know a good fish?

Hi Dave,

	By all means, send the articles. If by regular post, my address is:

Herb Harris
115-2 Ferrell Drive,
Crossett, AR 71635

	Let me know your costs, and I will be happy to reimburse you.

	Thanks for the offer, and the other ideas as well.


The Halls wrote:
> Herb,
> I've got some good articles from back issues of FAMA and American Currents
> I could send you some copies.  The American Killifish Association is a
> great source for eggs (right now I am trying to get up and running with
> some of these species).  NANFA has a trading post and they might have
> someone who is willing to supply eggs. I'm not sure what other eggs are
> viable for this idea.  Some darter eggs might be a possibility, almost all
> killies would work.
> Dave