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Re: New native help, please

Roy Fisher wrote:

> Hi, all.
> Over the weekend, I brought back a green sunfish, a
> pumpkinseed, and a
> bluegill for my new native tank.  I've got a couple
> questions/problems...
> 1.  The green one has a few worm-like doodads hanging from
> his dorsal and
> caudal fins.
> I guessed they were anchor worms & put in some Jungle
> external parasite
> remover.  This stuff looks to me to be mostly salt.  This
> morning, the
> freeloaders were slightly crumpled.  The treatment says it
> usually only
> takes one dose.  Anyone have any tips on combatting these
> parasites?
> 2.  How does one go about acclimating these fish to
> pellet/store foods?
> So far, they've taken mealworms and earthworms eagerly.
> Feeding tips also
> appreciated.
> Thanks!

 I have had good luck with my longear sunfish accepting the
sinking pellets and frozen brine shrimp. They also will eat

   A Fish Addict,