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Taking it to the store

Hi all,

	I received an idea from a member recently, and thought I'd run it by
the list to see whether anyone has done this before, and if so, the
upside or downside of it. Sounds like a great idea, long as any
legalities are taken care of.


"- is going to one of the LFS in which I spend way too much time and way
too much money and talking them into letting me come in on Saturday,
stocking a tank with a representative native, and spend the day selling
the fish, handing out information, generally spreading the news, all
while giving them their normal profit on what fish do sell out of the
native tank. After all, more LFS would sell native fish if they
perceived a market for them and the market for them would develop if
more people knew about them, i.e. if more LFS sold them."

	Anyone tried this?