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Re: Fishes in the mail. Crawfishes, mollusk, waterbugs ....

.......BTW I think invert discusussions are very appropriate for
>the email list and I encourage folks with an interest to speak

OK Speaking! I have thought of adding some mollusks to my tank. I found this
site the other day and it was quite interesting to me. Lacks much in depth
but it is the best I have found on the web so far. It is part of the Alabama
Game and Fish site. This is for Alabama mussels but I found it interesting.


I have thought about trying to collect some Corbicula fluminea or Asian
clams for my tank this summer the next time we go diving. I know they are
filter feeders and I have no idea if my tank can support them or not. Then
if they can, how many?

Also, THANKS! for all the response to my previous post. I live on the
Tennessee River near Huntsville, AL. If any members are in this area I would
love to go on a collecting trip to learn a bit more about our native fish.
Going to try to find a couple of the books recommended too.

Jeff <*\\><
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