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Re: Fishes in the mail. Crawfishes, mollusk, waterbugs ....


We are even up as far as Im concerned I wasn't keeping much
score.................I think you should forward your need for boxes to
the list along with an offer to help the newbies get started ..Never mind
I just did :).....the prob with purchasing boxes is the postage and
storage would kill us... What I have done in the pastt is folks who have
an abundence of boxes will mail em to me and I pay the 2-3 buck postage.
Or they send me several boxs and I send one back with fish in it .....

Maybey you could help Terry stock an in school tank....Maybe the NFC in a
few more monhs will have enough funds to start paying for those little
projects.......BTW I think invert discusussions are very appropriate for
the email list and I encourage folks with an interest to speak

On Mon, 8 Jun 1998 16:53:03 -0500 (CDT) mcclurg luke e    
<mcclurgl at washburn_edu> writes:
>Hi Robert,
>  Your fishes are 'bagged, tagged and in the mail' as of 13:30 today.
>Look for them Wed.  You should receive: 8 Longear Sunfish, 7 
>Darters, 5 no ID Waynesville shiners, 1 no ID Waynesville Shiner(?) 
>and 6
>Red Shiners.  I had trouble with the female Reds, they tend to 'freak'
>when a net comes at them and they go silver, which makes them look 
>like a Redfin Shiner.  If I got one in their by mistake, just let me 
>and I'll replace it.  If any of the fish are misidentified, kill me
>later...  :)   Seriously, I'll cheerfully make any mistakes good.  
>It's an
>excellent way for me to learn idenitification.
>  With the exception of "'dem damn lizards" does this even up the 
>If not, what else would you like?  I'll be happy to pass on to you
>whatever you feel is fair.  (ain't trust a wonderful thing!? :)...)
>  Had an idea for the NFC I thought I would run past you first.  What
>about trying to get together with someone who manufactures fish boxes 
>trying to purchase a large number for use by the NFC members.  They 
>be resold at cost (plus perhaps a small handling fee) to members to
>facilitate exchanges.  I know I'm out of boxes now and can't get any 
>local pet dealers.  (you'd think the darn things were made of gold!)  
>know I'd like to have 1/2 dozen around so I could help out 'newbies' 
>myself get started, as well as sending stuff to the old seasoned 
>like yourself.  (you know, a little bit of soap might get rid of some 
>that seasoning :)  tee hee!  )  Anyway Mr. Prez. just an idea for you 
>mull over.  
>  How are the Orangespots doing?

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