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Subject: RE: Tennessee River fish
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998 22:00:28 -0500
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Check your local library for a book entitled "Fishes of Tennessee"(this
title may not be exact) I have seen this book at the MTSU library. It will
have all the info you desire on fish here in Tennessee.
BTW-I kept a 55gal native tank for about a year. I netted most of the fish
from a creek in Williamson County. Largmouth bass, sunfish, darters,
crawfish, and a few different types of minnows.

Good luck
David M

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> Subject: Tennessee River fish
> I have been on the lurking on the list about a week now. I have been
> thinking about keeping native fish for some time and just stumbled on the
> list. Sounded like a place to get my questions answered.
> BTW I am like someone else posted trying to decide between killies and
> natives too.
> Anyway I have toyed with the idea of setting up a tank that had
> fish native
> or at least that inhabit the Tennessee river system for some time. Since I
> live on the river the idea of collecting and raising them is really
> appealing. I would love to set up a 100+ gallon in the den and be able to
> show my guests what lives in my backyard. I have searched the Web in vain
> trying to find a list of fish that inhabit the river. I have found some by
> searching an Audubon  book of fish. I know that there are a lot
> of different
> fish in different watersheds that feed the river. Is there a book
> or source
> on the web that I can get more info from?
> Jeff <*\\><
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